How long will my class last?

Each class is 30 minutes or one hour and we recommend attending at least 10+ classes to really learn the concept the class is designed to teach.

How often will our class meet?

At minimum each class will meet one time per week. Some coaches might ask you to attend multiple session to prepare for a competition or upcoming test if needed.

If I miss a class do I still pay?

Yes, but you do have the option to attend another class to make up the missed time.

If I need to cancel my subscription, what do I do?

Email to give your 14 day written notice to cancel your subscription.

When does Next Level Kidz Open?

8am-7pm M-F. Open weekends for special event or appointments only.

What schools do we offer pick-up for after school?

We offer pick-up from Doby's Bridge, River Trail Elementary and Banks Trail. Fort Mill Elementary buses can drop off at Next Level Kidz on Doby's Bridge.

Can my child participate in a half day at Next Level Kidz?

You may pick up your child at any time from our full day programs. Please let the Site Director know that you plan on picking up your child early and they will be ready for you at the time you specify. Half Day Summer Camps lead by Next Level Kidz are offered at the Fort Mill YMCA.

What ages does Next Level Kidz provide care for?

Our classes. sport training and Camps are currently available to children ages 6-14. After school program does allow kindergartners to attend and preschool Adventure days allows children ages 3-5.

Can I receive a sibling discount?

Next Level Kidz does provide members 10% discount on any additional class you enroll your child into. For example, if you buy a class for one child the second child would receive 10% off. Use sibling10 coupon code.

What are Next Level Kidz hours?

Next Level Kidz has office hours Monday - Friday from 9:00AM - 2:30PM. Our program hours are Monday - Friday from 2:30pm - 6:00pm. Saturday Little Champs 9-12pm

What is Kidz Club?

Coming soon... Kidz Club offers your child additional time to work on their project that they are working on. Every Saturday from 9AM - 12PM your child may come to Kidz Club for 2 hours and complete tasks, ask questions, and have fun in their respective classes. This is included in some classes weekly subscription or can be purchases separately.