STEAM Classes


STEAM Classes

We offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) project based learning programs to give kids the skills to compete for the jobs of tomorrow, all while having fun!
Robotics Coding Videography Engineering Club


Join a VEX Competition team and compete in challenges throughout the Region, State and Nation.

Students will learn to work with their teammates to problem solve, build a functioning robot and code programs to run their robot autonomously in competitions.

For ages 9+

Coding and Game Design

Take Coding and Game Design to the next level with the power of code. Learn how to make your own Roblox and Minecraft virtual worlds the easy way!

For ages 6+.


Learn how to shoot videos with a phone or camera and edit your clips to add effects. Be the director and premiere your masterpiece on the Next Level Kidz channel.

For ages 8+.

Engineering Club

Engineering Club will allow students to explore the world of engineering and science through 3D Printing, Robotics and Computer Programming. Work together in small groups to complete projects and assignments while learning about this fast-growing industry.

For ages 9+.


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