Build battle robots from the hit TV show, BattleBots.  Then battle your friends to see who will be the victor. Or join a VEX Competition team and compete in challenges around the country.

If your child wishes to keep the HEXBUG VEX robot, they may be purchased at the beginning of the program.

For ages 9+


Learn how to shoot videos with a phone or camera and edit your clips to add effects. Be the director and premiere your masterpiece on the Next Level Kidz channel.

For ages 10+

Coding and Game Design

Take Coding and Game Design to the next level with the power of code. Learn how to make your own Roblox and Minecraft virtual worlds the easy way!

For ages 6+.

Experiment with MEL Science

This program is the best way to learn science; it combines theory with hands-on lessons to let your child explore the world of science.

Ages 7+